Sizzling Sex Secret: Oral Delights

How about using a cube of ice in your mouth while administering oral delights on your lover? What about drinking hot liquids before giving oral sex? A hot tongue is even more exciting than a cold one.

A skilled tongue will usually bring your lover to the highest level of erotic arousal he/she is capable of. Keep your hands on your lover’s body, caressing the inner thighs, scrotum, nipples, prostate or rectum areas and pay special attention to body language. Most men will agree that they need more pressure on their penis than women are aware of. So ladies, don’t be afraid of breaking it. Lavish plenty of attention on the glans (head) with a strong vacuum-style suck. Flicking the Frenulum will undoubtedly make him weak at the knees, as will circular motions around the glans; long flat licks up and down the shaft combined with pointy tongue motions bordering the glans will also be welcomed. And don’t forget to bestow plenty of oral pleasure around his scrotum.

A lover that is an expert in oral delights will be cherished by anypartner who appreciates the kind of oral adoration he/she can offer. Most women enjoy having their mons kissed, their labia sucked, a talented tongue along the crease where her labia come together. Be observant of her body language as she presses herself against you; slip your tongue inside her vagina, working your way up towards her clitoris. Use your entire tongue, dragging it across her clitoris from the base all the way to the point. Move your tongue from side to side like windshield wipers. Try circular motions as well, both around her clitoris and on it too. Turn your head to the side, alternating again between licking in quick, short strokes and slowly dragging your tongue across her clit from base to point. Don’t be afraid to come at her from a different angle!

This is an excerpt from The Loveologist Guide to 52 Weeks of Sizzling Sex by Dr. Ava Cadell. Visit The Loveology University Bookstore to find a wealth of resources, including e-books and audiobooks, to help you have a richer and more fulfilling sex life.

~ by Dr. Ava on January 27, 2010.

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