G Spot & Female Ejaculation by Dr. Ava Cadell

The G-spot was first identified by the German gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg who published research back in the 40s and 50s about sexual pleasure being derived from the urethra. In women, the urethra is the tube which transports urine and runs above the vagina and is surrounded by a spongy tissue rich with blood vessels. By stimulating the spongy tissue through the ceiling of the outer third of the vagina, a G-Spot orgasm of extended intensity can be achieved. The Grafenberg spot is an area on the anterior or front wall of the vagina, between the opening and the cervix, which is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation.

It is hypothesized that the G-spot is either (1) a bundle of nerves coming from the clitoris, or (2) a gland or series of glands that produces lubrication. It is thought to be perhaps analogous to the prostate gland in men. The best way to explore your g-spot is with your finger or a g-spot vibrator. The spot is about two inches inside and on the upper wall of the vagina, between the pubic bone and the cervix. For step-by-step instructions on how to stimulate the G-spot … Read the rest of the article here: https://www.loveologyuniversity.com/LUPages/GSpotandFemaleEjaculation.aspx?a_aid=sward

~ by Dr. Ava on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “G Spot & Female Ejaculation by Dr. Ava Cadell”

  1. My husband has described to me my Gspot & it may be worth mentioning it here. During fore play he tells me the walls of my vagina are smooth & have a “wet rubber” like texture. As arousal increases & a climax approaches, he tells me that there is a spot on the front wall of my vagina about an inch and a half to two inches up and about half an inch in diameter that becomes slightly raised & rough in texture. This spot becomes sensitive & the combination of stimulation here as well as to the clitoris (think the well known “come hither” action combined with rubbing the clitoris with the pad of the thumb) will invariably bring about a climax, more often than not, along with an ejaculation.
    As a rule, stimulation of my Gspot alone fails to deliver a satisfying climax, I need the additional stimulation of my clitoris too. Also, there is no point in going straight to my Gspot, until I am well & truly aroused & well lubricated, stimulation of my Gspot will be counter-productive! I just find that uncomfortable & irritating!

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