Make your Bathroom into a Pleasure Palace.

The bathroom can become the best place for a steamy, sudsy, sexy soiree with your lover; before love-making, after love making, or anytime at all.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

One of the first things you do in the bathroom is to look in the mirror. It’s likely that your lover does the same. If you’re a woman, take your favorite colored lipstick and write some words of love on the looking glass for your lover to find. If you’re a man, use your shaving cream to write your message of love.

If cleaning the mirror is too tiresome, simply tape a sexy or romantic note to the mirror. Hide a second note inside the medicine cabinet. Write something funny to help your lover start his/her day with a giggle.

What an Eye-Opener

Offer a compliment or write something X-rated and make your lover’s blood pressure rise. Leave a naughty photograph of yourself in a strategic
spot. It’s a wonderful surprise.
Stroke It
When together in the bathroom, (and why not?) your hairbrush has more uses than untangling your hair. Gently tap the flat side of the brush against the bottom of your lover’s feet. Turn the brush over and use the bristles to tickle and stimulate them. Don’t stop there. A soft brush can be used to stroke, soothe and relax many other parts of your lover’s body. Tap the brush on aching shoulders, back and buttocks. Tease the chest, breasts and insides of the thighs with the bristles. Use your imagination and the responses of your partner to guide you to other pleasurable hot spots.

Luscious Lotions

Hand lotion, body lotion, baby oil, suntan oil and even cooking oil are all slippery and sensual, making for a lusty full body or partial body massage. While massage professionals use oils, lotions are less messy and feel just as good. Always warm the lotion or oil in your hands first, before applying them to your lover’s body. Start with gentle, fingertip movements, lightly skimming over your lover’s body. Tease and thrill your partner by not staying in one place for too long. As you gradually increase the pressure of your gentle caresses, watch your lover turn into putty in your hands.

This is an excerpt from LOVE AROUND THE HOUSE: Helpful Household Hints You Won’t Find in Any Martha Stewart Book by Dr. Ava Cadell. Visit The Loveology University Bookstore to find a wealth of resources, including e-books and audiobooks, to help you have a richer and more fulfilling sex life.

~ by Dr. Ava on March 11, 2010.

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