Passion in the Kitchen

Whether you’re a gourmet cook or not, kitchen utensils and gadgets can be used for all kinds of creative foreplay. A rolling pin is great for making pie crust, but it doubles as a terrific massager. Lay your lover down on his/her stomach, straddle and begin rolling the pin gently up and down the back, starting from the buttocks and slowly rolling your way up to the neck. Pay close attention to your lover’s reaction and increase pressure only if asked to do so. Now it’s time for you to roll your way down to the thighs, calves, back and over the buttocks again. Spend a little extra time on the backside. Do a good job and your lover will want to reciprocate.
Al Dente
A pasta spoon will feel like long, sensual fingernails when combed over your lover’s scalp. It also makes a great back-scratcher.

It’s Snowing Sugar
A sifter filled with powdered sugar will also sweeten your love making. Sprinkle your lover’s body liberally with sugar and satisfy your sweet tooth by licking it clean. But take your time; you don’t want to get indigestion!
Hanky Spanky
Have you ever wanted to give a little spanking? A gentle tap with a spatula or wooden spoon might be just the thing. A threat of punishment is often more exciting than the infliction of actual pain. You and your lover can make this domination fantasy more realistic by dressing up: The ‘master’ who punishes in leather and the ‘slave’ who languishes in lace.
Blindman’s “Buff”
Blindfold your lover with a dish towel. Dip your finger in warm water and slide it up and down your lover’s neck. By temporarily removing your lover’s sense of sight, the sensation of your touch will be increased ten fold. Your warm, wet finger will, in fact, feel like your tongue.

This is an excerpt from LOVE AROUND THE HOUSE: Helpful Household Hints You Won’t Find in Any Martha Stewart Book by Dr. Ava Cadell. Visit The Loveology University Bookstore to find a wealth of resources, including e-books and audiobooks, to help you have a richer and more fulfilling sex life.

~ by Dr. Ava on March 12, 2010.

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