Reasons People Enjoy Anal Sex

According to research, a quarter of the population is having anal sex. What are some of the reasons to have anal sex? These are some comments we‘ve heard.
―It feels good.
―Its an alternative when I have
my period
―I like the variety
―Vaginal sex is painful
―It makes my orgasms 100 times better
―My ass needs love too
―It feels natural
―I like my partner penetrating me
―I can‘t get pregnant
―I tried it and liked it
―It is deeper than my mouth or vagina
―I like double penetration
―Why not?
―It feels like my penis is being eaten
―It stimulates my prostate
―It is tighter
―Its something special I can share
―I like watching it go in
―It gives me a unique orgasm
―I don‘t see anything wrong with it

There are some people who love it, and they even prefer anal sex over vaginal intercourse. For the women who find vaginal sex to be extremely uncomfortable or painful, anal sex can be a very good alternative for them and their partner. It is another way they can gain pleasure and give pleasure to their partner through sex.

Are you concerned about being able to have orgasms with anal sex? It is possible to orgasm from anal sex. Whether you are the penetrating or the receiving partner an orgasm is available for the taking. But, don‘t expect yourself to have one. Not all the pleasure of anal play is in the orgasm. Give into the pleasure of the process.

This is an excerpt from an e-book on anal sex. Visit The Loveology University Bookstore to find a wealth of resources, including e-books and audiobooks, to help you have a richer and more fulfilling sex life.

~ by Dr. Ava on May 7, 2010.

One Response to “Reasons People Enjoy Anal Sex”

  1. Its nice to see someone blogging about anal sex — such taboos are so rarely addressed in such a professional manner as you’ve done here.

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