Erection Problems

Lately I have been experiencing difficulties getting or maintaining an erection. What can I do? Erections can be affected by physical factors, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as by emotional factors; often stress alone can be the culprit. To help determine the cause you should discuss the problem with a medical doctor familiar with your health history.

While there are many new drugs like Viagra to treat impotence, there are also techniques where a drug, like prostaglandin-E, is actually injected into the penis to act directly on the blood vessels in the spongy part of the organ. With most medications, there is a time period needed for the drug to take effect, generally 10 minutes to one hour. There are also devices that can be implanted in the shaft of the penis to create erections. All of these remedies must be properly administered under a physician’s care.

Emotional stress, anger, sadness, fear, or performance anxiety can all make an erection go away – or never happen. If not medically influenced it may be that you are emotionally troubled about a situation which despite heroic efforts by your partner to arouse you, fail to turn you on. Try to relax.

Communicate with your partner that it isn’t her fault. Relax and the fire may return. If it becomes an ongoing problem, seek professional help. Here are four causes of erectile dysfunction and the most effective treatment for each. Virtually every man experiences lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation at some point or the other in his life. Such incidents can be related to:

1. Stress (anxiety)
2. High blood pressure (medication)
3. Drugs (steroids)
4. Psychological (insecurity in a relationship, self, or from emotional or financial loss).

The erectile dysfunction is often temporary …

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~ by Dr. Ava on May 20, 2010.

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