Loveologist Guide to Love Around the House by Dr Ava Cadell

You can add zest, variety and excitement to your love life with common household items found in every room of your home. You don’t have to go to a specialty store for sensual lotions, erotic toys or gadgets that vibrate. Everything you will ever need is within reach inside your own home, (or should be after you read this book!). It’s very important to keep adventure and creativity in your love life. If you had your favorite food every night, eventually you would tire of it, right? Unexciting! Unappetizing! Unappealing! As years go by, people often find that sex is no longer a priority. In fact, some people will spend more time shaving, brushing their teeth or combing their hair than engaging in sex with their partners. Fun in the bedroom leads to fun everywhere else. To enhance and improve your relationship, be more daring, and become spontaneous.

The two of you, in private, can create lasting memories of new and exciting sexual and sensual experiences. By using imaginative foreplay, during and afterplay, you will really be able to make “Love Around the House.” Using your imagination, in combination with the courage to experiment in new sexual techniques, you will help to create enticing situations. Simply remember to be sensitive to your lover’s moods and desires at all times and never take each other for granted. Remember when you first met your lover? You were in lust for the first six weeks (or was it months?). After that, the relationship gradually became more familiar, a little predictable and finally, I hate to say it . . . boring! The same position on the same day of the week on the same bed at the same time . . . Avoid predictability if you want to maintain a long-lasting, successful and sensuous relationship. It takes time and effort to create an enduring, romantic partnership—time that many couples would rather spend watching television or entertaining their friends.

Chapters include:

  • Clean Up in the Bathroom
  • Sizzling in the Kitchen
  • Food, Fun and Frolic
  • Not Just . . . the Bedroom
  • In or Out of the Closet
  • The Lion’s Out of the Den
  • Live It Up in the Living Room
  • Lay the Dining room table
  • Monkey Business in the Office
  • Gear Up in the Garage
  • Camp It up Outside

Your imagination can make romance a priority in your life. If necessary, schedule private time with your lover and share intimate moments, fun and memories. This book will show you how to find and use simple household items in ways you never imagined!

All of this information and sexy inspiration can be downloaded instantly for only $9.95 today.

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If you would like more information about sex toys, how to choose the ones for you, how to use toys and much more, you may be interested in the Loveology University Sex Toy Certification Course

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