What a Woman Wants In Her Lover

This is an excerpt from What Women Want in Bed by Dr Ava Cadell founder of Loveology University. There is a special offer at the end of this post –

Most Common Qualities a Women Wants in Her Lover

It’s no secret that women are known for being sensitive and more in touch with their emotions than men. However, they still place much importance on intimacy, the physical characteristics of their significant others, as well as themselves, and sexual gratification. There are many important qualities that women look for whether it be in bed or simply in a lover. Below are some of the most common qualities to read over and make note of how many you have and how many you can improve after reading through this e-book. Sex is an art that requires awareness and knowledge of a woman’s needs and desires. This course will help you to discover just what it takes to please a woman in every way possible and will give you the basic tools to acquire more information about women and what they want in bed. Listed are many things that a woman wants in a lover, some which coincide with what men also appreciate while others specifically target the needs of a female.

  • Men who communicate openly
  • Men who take initiative
  • Men who can provide undivided attention
  • Creative and inquiring men
  • Sexually, emotionally, and mentally intimate men
  • Men who care about their appearance from their clothing to their cologne
  • Men who can read a women’s desired communication style (i.e. verbal or visual) Men who find pleasure in satisfying their woman
  • Confident and courageous men
  • Men who know the art of kissing and the techniques of foreplay
  • Men who know exactly where a woman’s erogenous zones are located
  • Men with the ability to control their ejaculation to lengthen their love making
  • Men willing to provide a sensual massage without any agenda
  • Men who know how to give positive feedback as well as receive it
  • Men who enjoy giving women what they want in bed and what they want outside of it.

To begin to better understand what a woman needs or wants, it is best to understand the importance of intimacy and exactly what that entails. It is often confused that intimacy is a single aspect of a relationship such as only the physical part. People mistake intimacy in this way and so having sex automatically would mean two people were intimate. Although there is some truth behind the physical perspective, alone it doesn’t encompass all the beauty of intimacy as it can be emotionally and intellectually stimulating as well.

What is intimacy and how can I experience it? This is a universal question that I am asked so often that I would like to give you my definition of intimacy.

“Let’s start by breaking down the word intimacy and look at it phonetically. Into sounds very inviting doesn’t it? When you get into something, it means you really want to be there, right? What about Me See? You’re saying “This is ME. SEE me, all of me, because I have nothing to hide.” It’s like having a long zipper from your head to your toes, opening it and saying “Here I am.” Intimacy is about getting rid of protective layers and facades by revealing yourself to someone you truly love.

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